Discounted distance herbal consultation

89796932_10222092220312997_6078376294419005440_oIf you are hiding out in your social distancing cave and have more time to spend in the kitchen and worry, it is such a good time to get an herbal consultation and cook yourself a raw Chinese herb formula on the stove ( like this ) !  This is especially true if you have compromised immunity, lung or digestion problems, or feel run down.  While there are a lot of one size fits all herbal recommendations to support immunity, the best support and prevention will come from a thorough look at your presentation and a custom formula to address whatever is out of balance for you.  IF you have cold or flu symptoms or the early symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, dry cough, severe fatigue, chest congestion) an herbal prescription is very much recommended.

With all the information about potentially asymptomatic carriers of the virus, long incubation periods, and out of concern for flattening the curve (see coronavirus: why you must act now and A coronavirus cautionary tale from italy: Don’t do what we did ), I am seeing a bare minimum of in-person patients.   In the hopes of supporting your health from afar, I am offering discounted distance herbal consultations.  I would need you to fill out my intake form and send a picture of your tongue to me at  Then I will ask a bunch of clarifying questions over email, phone, or skype.  I will put together your formula and can offer a few options for pickup (no human interaction required!), can send in the mail, or deliver to you if you are within ten minutes drive of me.  Consultation including a week’s worth of herbs is $60, plus extra if you need shipping or delivery, payable by venmo or paypal.

The use of Chinese herbal formulas has been so important and helpful in the treatment of covid-19 in China, both in its early stages and alongside western treatment in the hospital.  The Chinese medicine community is awash with information from practitioners in China–many of us are looking at and discussing case studies to learn about the course and herbal treatment of the illness. We would love to put this knowledge to good use 🙏


(picture from article: 18 recover from virus after treatment with TCM )



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