Online herbal consultations

89796932_10222092220312997_6078376294419005440_oIf you have any cold or flu symptoms or the early symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, dry cough, severe fatigue, shortness of breath) a custom herbal prescription is very much recommended.  Early treatment with herbal medicine can help you get better safely at home, prevent the illness from progressing further, and help reduce the burden on our hospitals.  Likewise, if you are feeling run down but healthy, the best immunity support and illness prevention will come from a thorough look at your presentation and a custom formula to address whatever is out of balance for you.  Supporting the balance and integrity of the body is how we improve immunity, resilience, and the capacity to recover.

I am offering 35 minute online herbal consultations including the first two bags of raw herbs for a sliding scale of $60 to $80.   Contact me at and I will send you my intake forms (or you can download them: online herbal consultation forms to print, fill out, and send a scan or picture).  I will need you to email me the forms and a picture of your tongue and we will arrange an appointment to meet on zoom or skype.  I will put together your raw herb formula and can offer a few options for pickup (no human interaction required!).  I can also drop off your herbs if you are within 15 minutes drive or mail by USPS ($10 for shipping).  Follow up consultations can often be done over email and you will just pay the cost of the herbs, but if there are big changes and details to share, we can do a 15-20 minute follow up consultation for $20.

The use of Chinese herbal formulas has been so important and helpful in the treatment of covid-19 in China, both in its early stages and alongside western treatment in the hospital.  The Chinese medicine community is awash with information from practitioners in China–many of us are looking at and discussing case studies to learn about the course and herbal treatment of the illness. We would love to put this knowledge to good use 🙏




4 thoughts on “Online herbal consultations

  1. Hi Catie,
    Finally home from México. My concerns are preventive not to treat any illness at the moment. I used to make Chinese herbal teas from a previous acupuncturist so I know how powerful they are. I don’t have a spleen so I’m vulnerable in not possessing the right amount of immunity. I do seem to feel fatigued at sea level and wasn’t when I was at 5,500’ in Chapala. I do end up with bronchitis whenever I have a cold and I did have walking pneumonia two years ago from a rib injury so I notice I do have a hard time holding my breath. I would need to have the herbs mailed to me.

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