CHINESE MEDICINE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: to let you know that you are not alone and so many of us are ready to help

Because this illness began in China, all the most experienced teachers and practitioners of Chinese medicine have already accumulated information over the past few months about the nature, course, and commonly seen presentations and formulas needed for different stages of the disease. The vast majority of infected people in China were treated with herbal medicine, which makes for a treasure trove of valuable clinical information and experience!

These practitioners and teachers have been generously sharing this information with practitioners around the world. Classical Chinese herbal prescription combines this recent clinical information with a deep, practical, and ancient body of knowledge about the treatment of colds, flu, and pneumonia. For months many of us have been discussing and studying case studies and acquiring the herbs to make the necessary prescriptions.

If you are feeling sick, but not sick enough for western medical care, Chinese herbs can help you feel better and increase the chances that you can recover at home. This is a clear way that we can decrease the incidence of critical cases and take pressure off of the overburdened medical system! If you are struggling with stress- or anxiety-related symptoms or have weak digestion or lungs, it is also an especially important time to address these things.  Supporting the balance and integrity of the body is how we improve immunity, resilience, and the capacity to recover.

In dedication to service, lineage, scholarship, and learning, I am eager to help and share this knowledge with you. Because you have a unique constitution and this illness has many ways of presenting, it is best to have a detailed consultation to tailor the formula to you. Likewise, your symptoms can change quickly and ideally you have a way of getting the herbs within a day or two. With these things in mind, I offer 35 minute zoom consultations within the state of California.  I will put together your raw formula, and can mail to you or hand deliver if you are close to the Berkeley-Oakland border. If you are not in California, I am happy to find you or a loved one a trustworthy herbalist who is doing telemedicine wherever you are–please don’t hesitate to ask!  (contact info is in the sidebar)

Please click here for more information about scheduling an online herbal consultation

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